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Products and Services

Piano Lessons half hour- 
$124 total per month 
(4 consecutive lessons at $31 each)

Voice Lessons full hour-    
$224 total per month 
(4 consecutive lessons at $56 each)

Lessons are taught from my home studio located in Wheaton (near Butterfield Rt 56). Regular weekly lessons are scheduled monthly with a pre-paid discount given for 4 consecutive lessons. 

Pay-as-you-go, or one-time coaching sessions for voice and/or piano lessons may be arranged at full price. Call about discount pricing. 

Full Price-

  • Piano lessons- $33 each (half hour)

  • Voice lesson- $60 each (full hour)

New students may arrange a free 30-minute "see-if-it's-a-good-fit" lesson! Call Senja Morgan for more information at 630-605-7323.

Discount rate applied for students who schedule a minimum of four lessons in a row, payable at the first lesson. Make-up lessons are available, and a weekly time slot can be guaranteed with a commitment to at least 3 consecutive months of lessons. 

Please give at least 48 hour notice for any cancellations or lesson change requests. Lessons must be made up within the same week. Except for cancellation by the teacher, the lesson fee is non-refundable. 

Students are expected to practice at home to make the best progress on their instrument. Between 30-60 minutes per day, five days a week minimum is suggested.

Lesson Times; call to confirm availability-

  • Mon.  12 noon-2 p.m.
  • Wed.  3:15- 9 p.m. (varies)
  • Saturday, Sunday coaching or make-ups 2-5 p.m.
~Hours subject to change~

Methods & Techniques

Having been trained in music education, I have a well-rounded approach to teaching both piano and voice. First, I start off with enabling the student to discover their natural talents, interests and strengths. From there we ascertain desired and recommended, measurable goals. We then map out a strategy which  includes elements of technique, sight-reading, ear training, music appreciation & history, mastery of the instrument and most important- artistic and meaningful expression. I adapt techniques as appropriate for students who have differing learning styles or needs.

For piano lessons I have worked with several method series including Faber & Faber, Alfred, Hal Leonard, Bastien and older series such as Thompson. I have many visual and listening aides to reinforce concepts. I am comfortable with beginning through intermediate level students, and can also take transfers from a former teacher plus work from previous methods. I follow a graded level approach which includes meeting certain goals each year in order to move to the next level. I have had experience with the Illinois State Music Teachers Association program titled "Adventures in Music."

For voice students I come from a classical training background, which includes elements of the "Bel Canto" style (beautiful singing.) I first start with getting to know the student's natural range and abilities, plus the kinds of songs they are most interested in learning. Through vocal exercise and repertoire work, we develop a smooth, seamless, expanded vocal range. I employ aspects of the Alexander Technique, Kodaly method, and the Royal School of Church Music "Voice for Life" graded level voice series throughout exercises in posture, breathing, tone production, sight-reading and ear training. I am experienced with repertoire from folk songs to Rock and Roll; and classical to Broadway musicals. I am especially experienced in coaching for musical auditions.

I have worked with church choirs for over 30 years, including training and leading choirs to sing for a week at six different English Cathedral (with another trip planned in July 2020). I have had experience coaching school and college students in conducting church choirs through internships. I am able to coach high school students to prepare for auditions for entrance into college music schools and other opportunities such as church jobs, music tours and summer music camps.

I look forward to getting to know you or your child, and help them to develop to their fullest potential!

Call 630-605-7323 for more information, or fill out form on Contact Us webpage. Thank you! ~Senja Morgan

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